What To Expect…

Contemporary with an appreciation for the traditional would best describe our corporate worship here at Carpenter’s Way. We believe that music is a powerful medium for communicating. Whether singing songs from some of today’s gifted and anointed worship leaders/ songwriters or singing a contemporary arrangement of a 200 year old hymn the goal remains the same- to point people to the greatness and glory of God.

We believe in freedom here at Carpenter’s Way and that extends to our corporate worship times as well. We believe in giving worshippers the freedom to respond to God. Some worshippers may clap as we celebrate, some  may stand in reverence, while others may raise their hands in surrender, or kneel in brokenness and still others may sit in quiet solitude as they are reminded of the vastness of God’s mercy and grace.

Music is just one aspect of our corporate worship. The heart of every one of our corporate worship times is the unapologetic teaching of God’s Word.

Worship Team…

Forgettable would best describe the heart of the Carpenter’s Way Worship Team. We want to be forgettable. If all people hear is great music, but miss the greatness of God- then we have failed as lead worshippers. Our heart is that people forget about us and remember the God we worship.

The entire worship team is made up of volunteers from all walks of life who come together to use their unique gifts to point people to God through the gift of music. We are blessed here at Carpenter’s Way with an abundance of musical gifts- but more than that we are blessed with humble servants who want to use their gifts to glorify God.